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Deep Talk is the leading AI platform to understand customers & employees

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Built for customer experience and analytics teams

Understand what's inside communications with customers with our easy-to-use AI platform

Survey Analysis

Track and measure open answers in surveys

Social Networks

Track and measure messages in Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp and more

Reviews & chats

Track and measure product reviews or support chat conversations


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Transform text into metrics & analytics

We have different models to analyze chats, open questions in surveys, social networks, emails, reviews, comments, etc.

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Sentiment & Metadata

Deep Talk helps you cross-reference your customer’s sentiment with any associated metadata.

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Train your own models to find any pattern inside your data

Train a custom search to create new categories and find anything. Sales opportunities, specific complaints, etc.


Transform your text data into quantitative data

Emails, Chats, Surveys, Forms, Reviews, etc. arr valuable sources of data for your company. The best customer experience start with Deep Talk.

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Voice of the Employee

Classify any employee feedback automatically or in batch mode

  • Easy visualization of the main issues
  • Sentiment of the employee
  • Cross different data sources

Voice of the Customer

Classify and tag customer reviews/feedback automatically.

  • Process different data sources (emails, chats, surveys, forms, social networks, etc)
  • Filter by metadata, sentiment, topics, categories, etc.
  • Train your own Deep Learning models to find specific patterns inside the data
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Train your own algorithms in seconds

With our Deepers, find any phrase inside the data.

  • Trigger actions when you get a detection
  • API available
  • Fast and easy

Open-ended survey responses

Get insights and analytics from open text answers

  • Topic clustering
  • Pre-trained models
  • Topic hierarchies up to 3 levels
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Deep Talk integrations feature

Easy Integrations

Analyze your text data with 2 clicks

CSV file
Google Sheets (soon)

Deep Talk provides you with text data analysis as a service.

Pre trained Deep Learning models as a service
Cheaper and faster than build your own deep learning models
Analyze chats, emails,
support tickets, surveys, social networks, etc
English, German, French, Spanish, Dutch, and Portuguese are supported natively

In case you missed anything.

Can I trial Deep Talk ?
Sure! You can test out Deep Talk with a free plan
Can I Integrate my services to Deep Talk?
Yes, we provide different API's to integrate core services to our deep learning models and run them on demand. We have  integration with Intercom and Zapier.
How does Deep Talk count monthly rows of data?
We calculate monthly data rows as the total unique processed rows in a month. Multiple process by the same row in one month therefore only count as one conversation.
Do you have an API?
Yes!, we have an API for data analysis, and for our deepers (pre trained models)
What kind of support does Deep Talk provide?
We offer fast email and chat support to paid accounts and prioritized help for team accounts. Knowledge base support is available to free accounts here

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Use our no-code AI platform and start using your text data.

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750 rows of data per month
1 Project
1 Deeper
1 Model
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