Artificial Intelligence
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Text is an incredible source of data. You should be using the conversations with your clients to improve products and customer experience

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Experience the power of data sciences without hiring an artificial intelligence team

Deep Talk offers deep learning models as a service in a cloud base. You just need to upload your data or integrate one of the support services to extract all the insights and information from whatsapp/chat conversations, emails, surveys or social networks

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Discover the topics

Analyze the data with our unsupervised models and get the structure of your data. Discover new topics in your customer's conversations

  • Easy visualization of the topics
  • All the messages clustered
  • Topic hierarchies up to 3 levels

Follow the topic's evolution

The topics evolve, Deep Talk allows you to discover this evolution by months, weeks, or years, and compare topics over time.

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Most frequent conversation clusters

Get insights from your conversational data to make better decisions inside your teams

  • Rank the topics
  • Time frames comparison
  • Organize the topic members
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Easy Integrations

Use your Helpdesk/CRM conversational data with 2 clicks

CSV file
Hubspot (soon)
HelpScout (soon)
Zendesk (soon)

Deep Talk provides you with conversational data analysis as a service. No need to hire expensive data science teams

Pre trained Deep Learning models as a service
Cheaper and faster tan build your own deep learning models
Analyze chats, emails,
support tickets, surveys, social networks, etc
One Natural Language Processing platform for all your conversational data
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Run deep learning models without code and visualize the results

We have different models to analyze conversational data, texts, surveys, social networks post, etc.

Deep Talk code

If you have the skills, you can always use our API

Run the models as a service from your terminal.

Deep Talk list of models

Upload your data or use our integrations to run the models

Our platform will validate your data, so you don't have to worry about format mistakes.


In case you missed anything.

Can I trial Deep Talk ?
Sure! You can test out Deep Talk with a free plan
Can I Integrate my services to Deep Talk?
Yes, we provide different API's to integrate core services to our deep learning models and run them on demand. Soon we will offer also some integrations with companies like slack, intercom, genesys, etc.
How does Deep Talk count monthly rows of data?
We calculate monthly data rows as the total unique processed rows in a month. Multiple process by the same row in one month therefore only count as one conversation.
What kind of support does Deep Talk provide?
We offer fast email support to paid accounts and prioritized help for team accounts. Knowledge base support is available to free accounts.