Banking and Finance Industry

The future of Banking needs AI

Customers produce millions of messages daily; that's a lot of data to create better customer experience and products

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NPS, CSAT crossed with Text Analysis

NPS insights are very valuable only if they are well analyzed.

For example: Do you know the Net promoter score per topic, per thematic, per category in your business?

Look at themes at a high level, and then drill down to individual comments.

Build the best customer experience in Banking

Sentiment by categories

Turn customer experience into actionable insights

Analyze conversations, reviews, emails, etc. in real time and take actions

Deep Talk enables you to integrate the text analysis into your selling strategies, improving the overall performance of your team

Track your customer loyalty

Your bank evolves as your customers evolve.

Track this evolution over time, following indicators such as NPS, CSAT, Sentiment, topics, and categories.

Evolution of the sentiment and categories

Tag your reviews in minutes automatically, just give us your codebooks and we'll train a supervised model to do it for you. No more manual classification.



Time is one of the most important resources


Reduction in manual work

Focus your energy on the general review of the process