Market Research & AI

Market Research
with AI

Deep Talk helps you analyze thousands of responses from people in seconds, with consistency over time.

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Text analysis

Save time and get better results

Deep Talk accelerates the analysis of surveys, reviews, or other data sources.

Replaces tedious manual work for a few minutes of data processing in our servers.

Train custom models for your data and classify any text with high accuracy and consistency over time.

Link feedback to metadata

Understand how you can improve your products and services by crossing different data sources with text data, sentiment, NPS, CSAT, etc.

Sentiment filtered by metadata
Customer experience dashboard

Text analysis for actionable insights

In every open-ended response there is deep customer insight.

Transform those answers into business intelligence and actionable insights


Tag your reviews in minutes automatically, just give us your codebooks and we'll train a supervised model to do it for you. No more manual classification.



Time is one of the most important resources


Reduction in manual work

Focus your energy on the general review of the process