Customer Support & AI

Customer Support teams + Deep Talk = agility

Move faster than your competition by understanding your customers in real-time.

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NPS and CSAT in customer support

Analyzing the Voice of the Customer

NPS insights are very valuable only if they are well analized.

For example: Do you know the NPS per topic, per thematic per category in your business?

Look at themes at a high level, and then drill down to individual comments.

Get the sentiment per topic and category.

Travel and Hotels
Logistics and Distribution
Customer support dashboard

Deep Talk helps you to deliver actionable intelligence

The more you know about your customers, the easier it is to build a retention-driving and customer-centric CX strategy.

Deep Talk enables you to easily unify, monitor, analyse, and take action on what your customers are telling you in their feedback.

Banks and Finance
Market Research

Engaged Customers are essential to the long-term success

Gain insight of how your Customers are feeling
Proactively retain customers before they become disappointed

Gain new customers and Increase Customer retention

Prioritize based on analysis of internal and external Customer feedback.

Customer support dashboard with wordclouds

Tag your reviews in minutes automatically, just give us your codebooks and we'll train a supervised model to do it for you. No more manual classification.



Time is one of the most important resources


Reduction in manual work

Focus your energy on the general review of the process