About us

We're on a mission. Empower the world to use data sciences— If that sounds good to you, you should try

Our core team

Juan Jose Soto

Juan Jose Soto

Philipp Grothaus

Philipp Grothaus

Pedro Daire

Pedro Daire

Sergio Liberczuk

Sergio Liberczuk


We in numbers

  • 2020

    Year founded
  • 6

    Total deep learning models
  • +10MM

    Processed conversations

Our Vision

  • 1
    Build the best no-code deep learning platform
    Transform terabytes of unstructured data into valuable data
  • 2
    Make deep learning technology available for all
    We are helping companies to focus their energy and teams in what is valuable for them, and not to build complicated models with a high uncertainty to be successful.
  • 3
    Make a better world
    Inspired by our children, we want to help companies who care for the future.

Why we are here?

Because we don´t like inequality, including access to technology. Access to AI tools to improve the world should be easy and affordable.